Healing Heart was established by Rabbi Yochanon Klein and his wife Esther in South Florida. After their family experienced their own medical crisis, Rabbi Klein was determined to make it easier for other families. For the lay person, finding the right doctor and the most qualified hospital for a specific diagnosis can be daunting. Understanding the medical jargon, and navigating through the various treatment options can feel impossible. Healing Heart provides crucial support during this time, with kindness and care.
Rabbi Yochanon Klein grew up in Brooklyn, NY where his father, a successful mohel, worked to provide a Jewish identity to children the world over. Rabbi Klein was inspired by that message and became a sought after mohel in Miami, Florida. Rabbi Klein is also a sofer, and a volunteer chaplain to Miami Children’s Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Joe Dimaggio Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital and University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. Rabbi Klein is well-versed as a medical liaison and has established deep-rooted friendships with many of Florida’s top doctors.
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