INSURANCE Guidance & advice

Choosing the right health insurance plan for your specific needs and budget can be intimidating. Healing Hearts has teamed up with licensed and experienced insurance agents that are committed to finding solutions for your health insurance needs.

Whether you’re trying to find a better plan or have an urgent medical situation, we can provide you with additional resources and options. Our experts will determine the most cost-effective options based on your income. If Medicaid is the right solution for you, we can help with the paperwork and approval process. 

There are a bewildering amount of factors to take into consideration, so let us help get you covered.    

Answer a few quick questions and an insurance specialist will get back to you to discuss your options. 

Health Insurance 101

Overview of all the health coverage options available in Florida. Marketplace vs. private insurance vs. Health Share. Pro’s and con’s as well as how to differentiate plans and explore options. 


Hospital visitation & guidance

Fresh Homemade Kosher meals

Patient advocacy

Hospitality chesed homes & apartments

Family support and respite

Post Hospitalization Support

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